Stickning, kärlek, livet och svåra sjukdomar

Stickning, kärlek, livet och svåra sjukdomar

lördag 16 april 2011

Cosy craftshow

Today I took my friend and went to a craftshow outside of Umeå. It was a lot of yummie yarn and other things there, and I wanted so much!
But my stash is big enough right now (or can they ever be big enough?), so I tried to control myself  ;-)

I couldn´t resist a handspun yarn, so increadibly soft and gorgeous. It´s angora and merinowool twisted together. I think I´m gonna knit a shawl for myself, but I have to decide pattern first.

There were also a lot of buttons, so I bought some.

When I came home, my daughter said that she also wanted to go to the craftshow, so we´ll se if it´s gonna be another visit tomorrow.

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